A Brief History of Me ….

Well it all started on 27th Feb 1990 , with the death of Sir Nahum Norbert Glatzer.He was a noted American literary scholar, theologian, and editor.I’m sure not many of you have heard about him, but you can definitely find a lot of information about him on wikipedia.

So now the real part.Fortunately,his death day was a new beginning for someone.And that is me.Abhishek Shrivastava.People call me ‘abhi’, as this word is short, simple and ofcourse, cute.Below is my seal. Now people, thats an ‘official’ seal of mine.So dont try to play with it. đŸ˜‰

I grew up in a small but neat town called ‘Bhilai’ near to the heart of India ,also famous as the ‘Steel City’ because of the presence of a massive steel giant of SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) there.To know more about me in detail, you can always view my profile here or on orkut. Here’s the link http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=4660831068910288576

Ok , so continuing the story, It was in class 10, when I developed a sudden interest in programming though computers were already my passion a few years before that.But learning programming opened the gates for me to rule over the computers and make them do whatever I wanted.I started out with HTML and quickly advanced to C++, the god of all languages. The closer is came to C++, the more I admired it. But that wasn’t enough for me, so next came PHP & finally, JAVA.

As I said in “About Me” Section, my life has been full of ups and downs, and to tell you frankly , I’ve been enjoying it like a roller-coaster ride. Joining ECE branch of NIT-Trichy, was one of those experiments. Looks like it turned out well for me.

Here, I got a really good platform to put my skills to practice – The Delta Force. Its the “Official Webteam Of NITT”, responsible for developing the Main WebSite of NITT and Pragyan ( our official technical festival ), and moreover, the entire Intranet’s Student Services (College LAN) are in Delta’s hands. Its been such a phenomenon that the first thing a first year student does in a LAN-connected PC, is to open Firefox and type http://delta.nitt.edu. đŸ™‚

Here in Delta, I met many responsible persons, those who actually made Delta such a big success among the students. You see, its not in every college in India where the official websites and intranet are entrusted upon just a group of regular students. So thats what made me feel special about joining NITT ! Its simply a haven for computer-enthusiasts, not to mention one among the top-10 institutes in the country.

NITT is simply the best choice I could have made during my time. Besides all this “technical stuff”, the campus life here is something which even the IITians strive for.

Friends + Freedom = Fun , and thats the Funda here !

The story will continue and is never-ending, but like any story, there’s a start and an end.

It has already started, but the ending of the NITT chapter of my life is yet 2.5 years away !! đŸ™‚

7 comments on “A Brief History of Me ….

  1. Hi Abhishek

    I passed out in 2008, B-Tech Chem
    I was working with UB for a year.
    Now I am preparing for GRE, I was wondering if you could help me find a pdf file called
    “ROTGAD” short for “ROad To the Great American Dream”
    This particular file was passed down from seniors to juniors for quite some time. It contains valuable guidelines on taking the test, getting recos., essays & SOPs…etc etc.

    Would really appreciate your help.

    Shankar M
    +91 9966205600

  2. man check with u r batch mates…..=D
    ask the NRI guys…..because i came thru NRI quota….
    my name is shankar mohan…. u r senior Mohd. Ahmer ‘s brother Ajwad was my batch mate in NIT TRICHY……. i got placed in UB…… roll nos… CL 10424…
    placement head Bhakta……. i know T-ballz….. Shivan…etc etc…. Raju Anna’s…. Sam Fox… Bamboos,,,, Aiswarya’s…. etc etc….

    in u r batch i know Bahnu Pratap Sharma….Akshay Ramani (i met him in b’lore a month ago)….. which quota are u in….???? i’d prob know u r seniors….

    man help me if u can….. or else i’ll have to go thru a lot of trouble gettin tht document…. i know its only for NITT ians….. my batch mates gave it to u….!!

    no offence dude… i had to google u r site out…. i m fortunate i found u….
    infact i’ll be comin there to get reco’s rom my dept head(chemical)… Ananthraman… in a month or so…. my test is on 15th next month….. dont really have much time….

    Shankar M

  3. Hello,

    I have finished 3rd year at NIT Trichy. I intend to start applying for MS as soon as sixth sem results come out. It would be very helpful if you could email me the ROTGAD document.

    Thank you,

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