Dell Inspiron 1525 Review

Dell Inspiron 1525 is currently, its most popular product in

Here are my views about the pros and cons about this laptop and why do I think it is better than the equivalent HP DV6 series. By the way, I have Inspiron 1525 and I love it !

Pros :

i) Reasonable Price

After you configure your laptop in the Dell’s Online Site and look at the net price, I’m sure you won’t say like “What the hell? Did I put any Gold Chips inside it ? “.

Not really, what Inspiron can offer you in that price is far more than any other decent product can offer you.

ii) Highly customizable

The Laptop is fully customizable. You put into it only what you need and they’ll build that. How much RAM you need, How much Harddisk space you want, Do you want any logical-partition , Do you need some extra cables to connect your laptop to TV or DVD player, What OS & security softwares you need, etc. You can configure everything as you want, both inside and outside.

iii) Good looking & Matte Finish

Yes, the laptop is really beautiful and comfy. Its sizes are compact & it isn’t bulky at all. You won’t have any trouble using it whether you’re in your home, train, or airplane. Besides, its looks are really stunning with slim body and a very sleek finish. And the best part, you have the option of “Matte Finish” , which not many laptops offer.

Now those who would argue that “Matte Finish” is boring,dull & totally waste, I want to ask them to try scratching the matte finish. Yes, the Matte Finish makes your laptop literally free from any scratches at all. If you ask for Glossy looks, definitely you’ll get a shining gem, but once, accidently (which is very common), your cover gets scratched, then you’ll see how odd it looks and in that very moment, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t have Matte over it.

iv) Fully packed with features


HDMI port, Multiple Card Reader, Micro/Mini SD Card Reader, SPDIF Port, IEEE port and the most useful- 4 USB ports and 2 headphone ports. 4 USB ports lets you play Counter Strike on your laptop using an external mouse & an external keyboard (USB) and at the same time transfer music from 1 iPod to other. I tried it, its great !

iv) Cool Accessories & Amazing Battery Life

You won’t believe If I say to you that I saw 2 hollywood movies back to back on my laptop running only on batteries (6-pack default) and still got 25% battery remaining. Yes ,believe me, it is true. The laptop’s battery life was amazing and when I compared it with those of my friend’s laptop, I really felt proud. Besides, the batteries, you get many cool accessories along with it, to mention some : A Dell Notebook Carry Bag, Dell Earbuds(they’re really awesome, superb quality better than Apple’s ) , Extra Modem Cables (for connecting to a Landline Phone) & SPDIF Cable ( for connecting to PC) ,A remote control,etc. There’s nothing you can’t get if you ask for it.

iv) Warranty, Reliability & Rigidity

Well, I dont think I have to say anything about this as the name “Dell” says it all.


i) Low Watt Speakers

One major problem about this laptop are its low-watt speakers. So, you cannot use your laptop for watching movies with a group of your friends without having any external speakers attached to it. But you do get “Dell Earbuds” along with your laptop and you have “2” earphone jacks on the front panel, so it won’t be a problem when there are only 2 of you. The speakers voice is enough when only you’re using your laptop. This is where HP really beats  Dell.

2) No Dedicated Graphics Card 😦

This is a fault only  for Gamers. Those who need the laptop desperately for playing games, I’d suggest to go for Dell XPS or HP. For others, the 3 GB RAM & Core2Duo Processor takes care of average gaming needs.

Thats it folks ! Hope you guys got some good idea about Inspiron. If you’re still in doubt, you can take a look at 1500+ reviews of Dells Inspiron worldwide in their official website. Now by this article I’m not trying to offend those who have got HP or Compaq, I’m just discussing the Pros & Cons of Inspiron !! [:)]


10 comments on “Dell Inspiron 1525 Review

  1. hey abhishek , i totally disagree with you as inspiron 1525’s battery is really bakwaas , also d speakers r also of low standard , i m totally disappointed by dell’s inspiron 1525 , what i have noticed is that HP is the best for laptops

  2. no bro i purchased my lappy on 22nd july, 2008 means my lappy is still in warranty nd i have get it’s battery check also nd itss working f9 according to d dell representatives nd yeah i also agree tht speakers are nt gud so m thinking of purchasing xternal speakers , so can you plz help me out whic speakers are good and which one should i buy – 2.1 or 3.1 or 5.1 nd of which brand

  3. i want to buy a lappy probaly dell inspiron 1525,i want to use it basically for designing,and sound editing, could someone send me the best specification, thanks my numberr is 2348060092674 or mail me @ thanks y”all

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  5. hey, buddy could sme 1 guide me n usin 5.1ch speakers n laptops . Is it possible 2 use 5.1ch speakers n laptops without any sound card .I have creative 5.1ch speakers n plannin 2 buy a laptop, tell me wht should b my cofiguration on lappy to make use of my 5.1ch speakers or all pc’s n lappy’s support 5.1ch speakers without any spl cofiguration ………?

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