Blogging Resumes !

Back to blogging after a long time. And I hope I will maintain regular updates this time. My absence for almost past 4-5 months was due to many reasons including lack of time, lack of will or no internet availability.

So right now, my summer vacations are going, and instead of enjoying the holidays I am here screwing myself up in the Kolkata Heat. I’m working as an Intern in the ACMU (Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit) of ISI(Indian Statistical Institute), Kolkata. My mentor is Mrs. Susmita Sur-kolay, she’s a Associate Professor with her interests in Computational Biology, Graph Theory and VLSI. I’m doing research work in Interval Graphs, which is associated with Graph Theory but has many applications in Computational Biology. Its like a bridge between the 2.

At first, I thought the project was going to be interesting and challenging. The latter came to be true, but it’s damn boring as of now. While my other friends are doing mainly image processing projects (with lots to code), looks like I’ve got a theoretical one. There’s not much to code, only proofs and fundae to be derived. May be once we get some new algo, we’ll implement it, but only if we get it. Because things are going too slow as of now. Lots of work to be done, and not much time to give. I already have 1 more project pending to be done in this summer only. That one is also related to graph algorithms and computational biology, but the catch is the Parallel Implementation of it. Its quite challenging and the best part is, there’s more to code than to prove in it. Hope I’m able to finish both the projects in this vacation. I still have about 50 days before college starts. Hope that is sufficient.

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