The T20 WorldCup Winners

So finally Pakistan has got something to be proud of. They must be celebrating after years of violence, blasts and civil unrest. The T20 WorldCup is like a chill-pill for them. But how long will it last? I’m not so sure about it. A poor country , which was on the verge of bankruptcy till a few months ago, surviving on the aid donated to it by IMF & US, and other allies, with growth rate as low as 2% and an on-going heavy-military war with the Taliban, with added-disadvantages of inflation, domestic terrorism, political breakdown, military influence and their desire of the army to level itself with the Indian military by pursuing an armsrace with it. Does such a country has any near hope of good future? I don’t think so. Figures say that the on-going war with Taliban has already costed nearly $35 Billion. Despite the tremendous amount of aid from USA ($1.5 Billion per year), the country is still losing more money than it is actually gaining. War has also created the problem of settling more than 2 million IDPs (Internally Displaced People), who are right now surviving in temporary camps. Instead of saving money and utilising it for the welfare of its people and revamping its degrading health and education system, it has been increasing its defence spending in order to pursue its arms-race with India. With this kind of attitude, that country can never pull itself out of this pervailing messy situation.

Even after the military’s claims of killing thousands of militants, its actually the country which is losing, not the Taliban. Taliban has openly said that their main goal is to keep that country engaged in war, until the country loses all its money and the economy totally disintegrates. The USA knows of this fact and I believe that is the reason why it is keen to donate billions of dollars to Pakistan. However, Pakistan is still not making the efficient usage of this money. According to a recent report in Times of India, the Pakistan military has diverted US funds to buy a vast range of conventional and non-conventional weapons including Ballistic Missiles, Marine Patrol Aircrafts, AWACS, Gravity Bombs, F-16s and other equipments, most of which have absolutely no use against the Taliban, for its war with Taliban is mostly ground and artillery-based. But it doesn’t require a 5th grader’s brain to guess the actual intention of buying these weapons.

But one thing is for sure, that Taliban & LeT are the enemies of both India and Pakistan. I don’t know why the Pakistan government is not taking any action against the LeT terror camps in PoK but I do know that if they don’t India will do it one day. And that day is not far away. Right now, India has been trying to take all necessary measures to prevent any possible conflict with Pakistan. The reason can be easily understood – the World is in a recession, and it will not be economically viable for India to engage in a costly war at this time. Although in case of a war, Pakistan will suffer an unrecoverable damage unlike India, which will be able to recover soon due to its health economy even at the time of recession. But Pakistan is already engaged in a war on its western border, and if India strikes now, they stand no chance. Ofcourse, this scenario EXCLUDES the possible use of Nuclear weapons by Pakistan as a last resort.

Now considering the nuclear powers of Pakistan and assuming that it faces no resistance from the USA for using Nuclear weapons against India, even one atomic bomb on a major city in India will be all it would take to create a nation-wide panic and civil unrest, which will put India into a self-destructive turmoil. Pakistan will drown, but it will pull India with itself. And the only party winning in this scenario is the Taliban. This can be possibly the main agenda behind the Mumbai Attacks. What else can be the reason that would have led the fanatics of  Taliban to send a 10-terrorist team on a suicide mission in Hotel Taj, even when they know that those terrorists will either be caught or killed, and sooner or later India will recover as it always does. India knows this fact, so does the USA. And both are trying to prevent any war between India and Pakistan, while Pakistan ,unlike either of them, looks very eager to wage a war against India. This can be easily concluded from the statements of the Pakistan’s Military Leader just after the Mumbai attacks.

Anyways, all I want to say is that considering the fact that both India and Pakistan got independace at the same time and comparing the 2 countries now, one can easily tell there is some big problem within the Pakistani system. Although the Indian system is also not perfect, infact not even close, but its still far better than those of its neighbouring countries. In the present-day situation, Pakistan is the centre of terrorism for the international world. If Pakistan doesn’t act, sooner or later, someone (either USA, China or India) is going to invade it for good. They must immediately act against terrorism strongly and stop the arms-race with India, if they have got any senses left.

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