Nokia E63 Review

Its been a long time since I made a post on wordpress, specifically a ‘review’. My last review about Dell Inspiron 1525 is still fetching me close to 50% of the traffic I get every day in my blog. So here’s something to add up, my new Nokia E63 mobile. Actually, its been 4 months since I bought it, but well, nevermind, its still new to me!

I’m really really impressed with my Nokia E63. Needless to say, its an ‘E’ – series class, which explains it all. Its actually made for business-minded people who use their mobile phone as their personal organizer, calender, emailer and lots more. But nevertheless, it has great features better than most of the ‘N’ – series mobiles, which makes it even more popular among normal users. Following the protocol, I will first point out the Pros and then the not-so-significant Cons of E63.

Pros :

1) It is a smartphone with a Symbian OS v9.2 ( the latest one being 9.3). So, what exactly is a ‘smartphone’ ? As the name tells, its ‘smart’ and you have to do very little to convey your intentions to your phone. For something which will take you 10-12 button clicks in a ‘non-smart’ phone, may take you just ‘2-3 clicks’ in a smart one! For an example, consider the process of sending an SMS to a friend ‘Jereme’ . I won’t count the message writing part in button clicks.

In a non-smart Nokia 6070 (my ex-phone), here are the steps (each arrow representing a button click) : Home -> Menu -> -> -> Messaging  -> Create Message -> Text Message ->Write Message ->Send -> -> To phone number -> Search -> J -> E -> R-> Jereme -> OK. ( Button Clicks = 16 )

In a smart E63, here’s what I’d do : Home -> New Message -> Text Message -> To : Jereme and Write Message -> Options -> Send. ( Button Clicks = 5 ). Surprised ? Well the 2 important user-friendly features because of which it was possible are Shortcut Key for ‘New Message’ and Auto-recognition of Recipient. For the shortcut key, the ‘New Message’ option is not fixed but infact, you can configure 4 shortcut keys in E63 for both ‘one-click’ mode and ‘press-and-hold’ mode to run ANY application you want. So total you have 8 shortcut applications on home. Even more, in the home screen of E63 you can create upto 6 application shortcuts just like you do in Windows + 5 notice options. All in all, it looks something like this :

The other feature is the Auto-recognition of Recipient Names. While you are sending an SMS, just write a few characters of the person whom you are sending it to in the “To :” part and it will auto-recognise the complete name from your contacts. Pretty cool huh ?

2) Nice range of application softwares. Now that was just one of the many smartphone features. Smart phone is more  similar to your desktop OS. You can have applications install and uninstall in your smartphone just like your PC. You can pick from a vast range of Symbian apps, you can find some on and on the Nokia Official OVI Mobile Store. Some of the applications I have installed include Opera Mini, eBuddy,Google Maps, VNCViewer, Putty, Smartguard, Oxford Dictionary, Advanced Call Manager, Screensnap and lots more..

Opera Mini is a cool app which is very good for fast internet browsing while eBuddy is a nice chat messenger which supports all chat services like gtalk, yahoo, msn, facebook, AOL, etc. Google Maps is the best map service you can get which even tells you your approximate location without a GPS ! Yes, using triangulation techniques, Google Maps is able to find your location based on your mobile signal strength from various antennas. Its a very innovative application actually, and this was previously available only to law enforcement government agencies. The maps are also very detailed and you can search practically anything from “food” to “mobile recharge shop” and it will tell you the nearest destinations along with routing information. Since E63 doesn’t have a GPS the location isn’t so accurate, but most of the time it has been very accurate for me. Here’s a Peek :

2) Nice Nokia E-Mail service. Using that I can setup  an email box in my mobile and have all my emails from my various email Ids delivered to my mobile phone as and when they come. It is very convenient to use and very easy to send emails along with attachments which many email providers don’t offer through mobile. You can also configure a lot of settings like till when to keep your emails in the mobile and automatically delete them after expiry (not deleted from the email server, just from the mobile).

3) Very nice and sleek look and its also very handy. With the qwerty keyboard its really very easy to write SMS and EMAILS and browse internet.

4) It has got pre-installed Office tools like Adobe PDF Reader, QuickOffice using which you can view and edit MS Word documents, Powerpoint presentation and Excel spreadsheets. Other mobiles also have QuickOffice reading but only E-Series provides QuickOffice with editing option as well.

5) Very fast mobile internet modem. I have tried using the same Airtel SIM for GPRS internet on my laptop using 3 different handsets as mobile modem: Nokia 6070, Nokia N72 and E63. For the same SIM, E63 was the fastest !

6) 3G and WiFi access. Using Wifi service, you can browse the internet at “hot spots” seamlessly with your E63 and even set up a local Wireless broadband connection in your home if you have a laptop. Suppose if you have a laptop with WiFi and a wired broadband connection for that laptop, then you can create a secure Wireless Network and allow internet sharing on that network. Then using your E63 you connect to that network and browse the internet at Wired Broadband Speeds from your mobile while roaming in your home or within the coverage area of your laptop’s WiFi. And very soon, 3G is going to strike India with a Big Bang and E63 is just ready for Video Chatting, MMS, Mobile TV and Broadband speed Web Browsing.

7) Strong battery life. This is something to really boast about. All E-Series phones are optimized for low power consumption and maximum lifetime. I’ve kept my phone unrecharged for 5 days  while using it for my normal usage, and still the power was more than 20%.

8) Real Player to play many popular video formats. It plays .mp4, .3gp, .mp3, .avi, .ogg, .flv and many more. While for some extensions like .wmv and .mpg, using the Nokia E63 Video Converted software that comes with the Nokia PC Suite along with E63 mobile, you can convert literally ANY video and audio format to the one suitable and optimized for your phone. It also compresses the Video, while keeping the same quality for the E63 Screen e.g. a 200 MB HD video song was converted to just 15 MB while the quality was the same. Not just that, you can also watch Youtube videos in your E63 !

9) Nice Screen Aspect Ratio. The screen size of the E63 has the same aspect ratio as that of your laptop. So for watching Movies, Songs and Videos, you don’t experience unnecessary enlargement, stretching or compressing of your video. The video dimensions you get is similar to that you get on your laptop.

10) Flash-based web browser. You use Opera Mini when you want “fast” browsing, but the problem with Opera Mini is that it is not so compatible with websites with lots of Flash and Javascript. That’s when E63’s inbuilt Web Browser comes to your rescue and it opens Flash Websites like Youtube and all, very fast. It also supports Java script which is a requirement for many websites. All in all, using your E63’s inbuilt web browser, you can open ANY internet website in your mobile, with full functionality as in your laptop.

11) The list is never-ending, but there are other features worth mentioning about : It has got 120 MB of Internal RAM which is pretty decent. Also the Phone never slows down while opening message or images, which is the worst problem with N-Series mobiles. The reason for this is the 600 MHz ARM 11 Processor in the E63. Also it has the ear-phone jack which supports the normal Laptop ear phone also, so you don’t have to keep separate earphones for your mobile and your laptop. Finally, it has everything you could find on any N-Series mobile. The Music Player is also decent with good Playlist options.

So now lets tell you about what I don’t like/ expected more from this phone  :

Cons :

1) The model is a little heavy but it isn’t much of a problem. Its very handy and being a little heavy actually makes it strong and rigid. I’ve dropped it twice accidentally 🙂 and it hadn’t even got a scratch. Definitely, its very rigid from the inside as well as outside. Should this point be in the Pros section ?

2) Camera isn’t so good with noise coming at dark regions of the image. Although the Video quality is superb but the images quality is good only when you have enough light. But still, since it has a nice Flash, so most of its noise gets compensated with the light from the flash. Only the corners of the image are actually hurt. But still, I’d say N series have better image quality than E series. Probably, its because E Series are meant for business and its not really a multimedia-centric phone. Still the images quality is decent for normal purposes, and unless you are a professional mobile photographer, you won’t find much problems.

3) Speakers aren’t so loud. I’ve heard speakers of many Nokia models, even some non N-Series and they’ve got a very loud sound. E63 lacks this as it only has moderate level.

4) No GPS. Ofcouse this is a problem but only for those who actually need it. Others can do well with Google Maps which is able to track down your approximate location using GPRS service which is available globally.

So that’s all folks 🙂 and did I mention that I brought my E63 only for 11,000 INR ? Its probably the cheapest E-series phone with WiFi, 3G, Office Full Version, etc. My recommendation : Go For It !

33 comments on “Nokia E63 Review

  1. Pro # 1, no E63 is not smart enough to auto-recognize the intended SMS / Email recipient and make suggestions when you type the first few characters of the name in the ‘To:’ space. This is quite dumb and I am sick of going to options – add recipient. It auto-recognizes here. If it can do it here, why not in the first stage?

    • Well, looks like you dont know your own phone’s capabilities. When writing an sms, just type any few consecutive characters of your friend’s name. No it wont show you suggestions at that point of time, but then click on Send button and send the message. You’ll see those few characters automatically becomes a complete name of your friend and the message is sent. In case many possibilities exists, it will ask you to select the persons. You may select multiple people also at that time 🙂

  2. Hey Jereme, you are right. Looks like E63 is smarter than I am 🙂
    I was wondering if you can help me more: I need freeware for E63
    1. SMS Scheduler
    2. A utility to take notes during conversations
    3. Call recorder

    • Well, I don’t have a SMS scheduler myself but I’m sure if you google it, you’ll find one.
      For taking notes during conversation, you can use the existing “notes” feature in E63. When the call is connected, press and hold the “Home” button of E63. You’ll see a menu in your screen, select the “Home Screen” option (the one with the mobile icon). You’ll get back to home, then open ,as usual, the “Notes” feature of E63 and start typing 🙂
      For call recording and such features, use the “Advanced Call Manager”, its a freeware and its good.

  3. Thanks a bundle. It does pay to read the manual, doesn’t it?
    For SMS scheduler, I have spent a day googling, I guess I am as dumb with the internet as with mobile phones.

  4. thanks friends i am going to buy a e63 actually i fell love with it i am sing my 5800 i am fed up wid it hope so i would not be boared wid it as i love to message a lot”)

  5. I cant send emails from mine. I have a E63 and can usually send emails fine and recieve them but at the moment I can only recieve and when i try to send it comes up with Cannot Deliver Mail. Help??

  6. Hi I am planning to buY E63 and I live in UK .. over here the cost of phone is pretty expensive but in India it is cheaper. Do u think there is differnce in applications and software or hardware in the models that are sold in India and the one sold in UK. where do u think I should buy this phone from?

    • I don’t think so there will be any difference in software. The reason the prices of electronic devices vary so much from country to country is because of the import taxes imposed by the governments. Since you’re in UK, its better you buy phone from there itself. It will be good if you buy it from a nearby Nokia showroom so that in case you face any problems, you can directly contact that showroom and it will be lot easier when all your bills and documents are of that showroom itself.

    • Its already there in your Nokia E63. Just goto Applications>Email Setup. Make sure you have some GPRS plan enabled in your mobile. Then follow the instructions and thats it!

  7. guys i want to know abt e63
    >how much it can memory card some guys say that it gets slower by 4gb card so 4gb or 2gb is advisable
    >what is the battery back up of it
    >it supporst which type of file like sys or .th
    >does it really supports 3g or for name sake
    >is there wifi in it
    >i am going to buy new phone i hav 2 options i.e nokia 5233 and e63 which is better

    any one can reply i will be thankfull

    • A phone getting slower is no way dependent on the memory card. E63 has an awesome batter backup, on an average I need to recharge it every 4 days (with normal usage). And it takes only 1-1.5 hrs to fully recharge from zero battery. It supports symbian .sis or .sisx files. It also supports java .jar and .jad files. I’ve not tried 3G yet but I’m sure its not for “namesake”. Yes it does have wifi and it works smooth like that of a PC-based wifi. I hope this helps 🙂

  8. hi jerome
    im thinking of buying a nokia e63 and have been looking around for reviews and they seem pretty good
    can you tell me if there are any suprises/bad things that you might expect but lacks also the battery problem has come up a lot is it really a bad factor?

    • Hey, didn’t you read my blog post regarding Nokia E63 review. I think that’s all I can say. Other than the facts that the image quality has some visible noise when there’s not enough light in the environment and the speakers are not as loud as those of N series, the Nokia E63 works like a charm ! I especially like its Mobile Office feature through which I can read PDF files, and even EDIT and CREATE my own doc, ppt, xls files i.e. all kinds of Microsoft Windows Office files. That’s something which you won’t get in any N series unless you pay extra.

  9. I’m just wondering what theme you are using on your Nokia e63 as shown in the Image at the top of this page. It looks a bit like DeviantArt styled colours, and I’d love to be able to download it.

  10. Jus purchased my e63 and loving like any thing..a true and good review 🙂

    Can u tell me which browser will be fast opera/ucweb/bolt?

  11. Hey, any way I could put out some notes on the home screen? I have sometimes a lot to do and keep forgetting things.
    I wish for something like a list of what to do on my home screen. Any ideas?
    Thank you, great review!

    • Go to Settings > General > Personalization > Home Screen > Mode Settings > Home Screen Applications > Enabled Applications and Select TODO list.
      Now whatever you add in TODO list will be displayed on the home screen as how many TODOs are remaining. It will also show up in your calender. You can make a shortcut key too for that.

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