The epic transition

Blogging after a very very long time. And the reason is what this blog post is going to be about. My life has been going through a complicated phase, its the phase I have decided to call ‘The Epic Transition’. Transition, because you enter into the real world, become an independent with added responsibilities and no more you are a college-going student with a free soul. And its Epic, because it turns out to be the hardest phase of your life. Something which you can bear at most once and which will change so much in you that you’ll forget who you were before, and looking back would laugh upon the things you used to say once with certainty. You’ll realize that the things you thought to be right then were so wrong, and the promises you made to yourself were so impossible to achieve. You’ll come out of the dream world and step into the real world. Its like how Neo was rescued from the Matrix in the 1st part of the Matrix series. And just like in the movie, although it was the hardest part, painstakingly difficult to endure, but it was also necessary and it turns out the sooner you go through it, the better it is. It marks the end of your life as you used to see it, and compels you to create a new path for yourself. But as always, “the hardest part of ending is starting on again” – an except from the lyrics of one of my favorite Linkin Park song “Waiting for the End”.

The thing is, suddenly, everything that used to be so important to you would become meaningless. You’ll no longer enjoy watching movies alone, you’ll get bored with hanging out in malls and eating at dominos, activities which used to be fun would become so boring. I can’t say for sure if everyone goes through this with the same intensity, it could be even worse. Because for heaven’s sake, I still have my passion towards computers and like writing code. Others, they even lose their passion and that marks the biggest failure of their lives.

I’m not complaining. I think this is a chapter of life which had to open one day. It teaches you the things which no one ever told you before. It makes you do things which you didn’t had the guts to do before. But its like another big bang in your life, a new creation and a new beginning but what you make out of it and how it ends up is not totally in your control. At this point of your life, you’ll realize that situations have more control over you than you yourself do. You’ll be fighting them most of the time. Life becomes a struggle even though for others it would appear you are living a happy life. But you would know that the real Life has just began.

Welcome to the real world, Neo.

Now there’s only one way to survive – adapt yourself to the new rules, the games and the scenarios. The laws of nature have changed. The truth has become false and all old promises are broken. Its time to be practical and rational and do things the right way without being in the dream world. Its nasty, bad, unfair and greatly disappointing at times, but in the end if you survive, it will have it perks. That seems like a fair assumption, doesn’t it?

Note to myself – “Remember your goal. Do not stray away or procrastinate. Do not give up.”

Blogging resumes. Everything would be back to normal, but I’ve changed and my posts would reflect the same. Lets play this game, the practical way.

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