6 things to know about NIT Trichy

1. NIT Trichy is considered among the top 15 engineering institutes of India, and the best among all the NITs.
As an experienced student of NIT Trichy, I believe the credibility of the above statement depends on how you “judge” the NITs. If your judgement is purely based on placements and packages, then I can assure with no doubt that NIT Trichy is not just the best among all NITs but also better than a few IITs. However, if you also take into account student facilities, mess food, internet access and faculty profiles, then I myself doubt it.

2. Students have a much greater role to play here than any other college.
Its true, students of NIT Trichy are not just mere college-going children, but they are involved in extra and co-curricular works, projects and clubs of far greater significance. While the computing clubs like Delta Force are the sole incharge of the college website & LAN, the enterpreneurship club ECELL have made their presence felt across the globe with their flagship annual event Ventura. Besides these, there are leisure clubs like Karate, Photography, Movie Making, Dance Troupe, Music Troupe, etc. Other technical clubs include GLUG-T (Linux & FOSS) and Sun Club (JAVA & Open Source Apps).

3. An abundant number of events for the students to keep them busy for the entire year.
NIT Trichy can boast of a huge number of quality student events that take place annually. It ranges widely from the fresher’s parties organized by the student clubs to various kinds of campus games and contests, along with the academic classes on java, linux, matlab, c++, web,etc by the technical clubs. Moreover, the college’s main events like Pragyan, Festember and NITT Fest are entirely managed by the students with literally no intervention from the authorities.

4. The prestigious Bachelor of Survival degree (B.Surv).

Every student of NIT Trichy not only gets a B.Tech degree but also a B.Surv degree (though he doesn’t get a certificate for that). By survival in NIT Trichy, I mean surviving the extremities the authorities push the students into. With exams next morning and power being cut-off from your hostels, with horrible quality of mess food, with drinking water problems and just 10 kbps internet access, if you’re still able to complete your B.Tech in 4 years, then you truly are worthy of a B.Surv.

5. NIT Trichy is a haven for Computer Science and VLSI students.

As far as VLSI is concerned, NIT Trichy is considered as the “best” in the country. The faculty of the ECE Department are especially dedicated towards VLSI and have a number of modern laboratories for that purpose. OCTAGON, the largest computing centre is full of high-end computers and its 24×7 availability along with a huge library and elibrary has turned it into a driving factor for the students to get interested in computing.

6. Quality food is abundant, but be ready to empty your pockets.
Forget the mess for one day and you have a number of places as alternatives. I’ve never seen so many food locations in any institute of the country. Inside the campus you have a bakery, a restaurant, an icecream parlour, another bakery-cum-restaurant-cum-icecream parlour, a milk shake shop, a juice corner, 2 nescafes, 1 bru and 1 lipton stalls. Just outside the campus you have 3 dhabas, a proper restaurant and a number of small food stalls.

To be continued … For further readings on NIT Trichy, click here.

149 comments on “6 things to know about NIT Trichy

  1. This is really sad that students in such a prestigious institute are denied basic freedoms.

    No LAN in rooms , girls expected to be back before 9 , dress code etc. are very useless rules and the students should protest.

    • Yes, you are right. All these are unnecessary rules. But let me clear some of the points you raised as all are not true.

      The dress code is not that strict as you might think. Though, its more stricter when imposed by your seniors while ragging 🙂

      Yes, girls are expected to be back before 8pm (and not 9). Earlier, it was 10pm or so, but due to some unfortunate events this step was taken.

      But I’m sure, with time all this would change. As far as LAN is considered, we already have LAN in every hostel but that is setup by the students only and doesn’t have internet. Thats why this college is also a big market for Mobile Broadband cards.

      Anyways, one good thing is that the entire college is going to get WiFi in an year or two. This, I believe, was directed by MHRD.

      • entire college to get wifi eh??MHRD directive eh? its 2012 and there is not a slightest clue as to when the WIFii routers will literally cover all the college? what they have done is to cover VISIBLE locations.guesses can be made hence forth.though i’m writing the nearly two years late….. but it had to be vented somehow.

  2. Hey guyz i just finished my 12th… wrote AIEEE exam like all did and got a pretty decent score. I need more info on NIT Trichy stuff. This blog looks great and was wondering if i can get to chat with a NIT trichy student.My email is timetraveller1992@yahoo.com and it would be nice if someone can send my a yahoo IM request and have a nice chat with me and clear some of my doubts.

    • hey abhishek i m getting air 3471(general)..which branches can i get in nitt??i m interested in mech or eee..also i m interested in appearing iit again next year as this tym my iit rank is abt 8k..so can i get some tym to read for iitjee next year??thnx in advance.

  3. Hey guyz i will be joining NITT this year. I was just wondering what is the best mobile broadband solution inside the campus. I am a very heavy internet user so good speeds are absolutely essential.

    • I’d suggest MTS. Only it has got broadband service in NITT campus. But there’s a possibility that the entire campus will be wi-fi next year.

    • Seriously dude… this might b the best decision u ever make.. ur life might b better with it.. i’m sayin this coz i’m bio student whu took CSE..!! I like it coz its what im already gud at!! So, follow ur heart!!

    • Sorry I’m a UG student. Can’t give you much details but from what I’ve heard, some of the department including ECE and MCA PG programmes are awesome. But others belong to not-so-good category. Still, I’m not sure.

    • What do you need to know exactly ? Infrastructure wise they’re good with all kinds of machinery available. Placement wise mechanical is better than civil.

  4. get real! it was becuz of this crap I left NITT

    what nonsense not allowing internet in hostels, enforcing strict rules on girls , treating them 3rd class.

    feeling proud of shitty rooms , no power n water, bad drinking water….seriously man u shld be ashamed of even putting up this article…

    this all smacks of a backward mindset and you try justifying it. what crap!

    • NITT just got ranked (yet, again) in the top 10 list of engineering colleges in the country ! And if you still believe in what you just posted, I guess the experts sitting at the Outlook and India Today magazines must be dumb ! By the way, going from your complaints (most of which are out-dated though), even many of the IITs won’t fit your standards. For people like you, there’s VIT and other private engineering colleges that takes on donation basis and provide you all the facilities (incl. girls), except education and career. Because of people like you, their business is still going on ! So I’m not going to justify NITT as a choice to you and I’ll be glad if you don’t join NITT ! It will only lower its intellectual asset.

    • Nope, there’s no strict uniform at such. But they do have this “norm” of wearing salwar suits during class hours. After that, you’re free to wear anything to your comfort! And being a north-indian the only issue you’ll face is the language one, but you’ll soon adapt to it. Besides, don’t forget you’re not alone and you’ll make good friends among both other north n south indians 🙂

    • Not that much. It actually depends on which state you are from. But it has been on the downhill ever since they removed state quota. But even if its there, there is no reason to worry. Its fine 🙂

  5. Hey, i just finished my 12th n i am expecting a score of around 300-330 in aieee b.arch!!! Planning to join NIt Ttichy for architecture….!!! Please could you tell me more about the hostel for girls…!!!! Do i have to share my room or can i get one all for myself…?? 🙂

    • Ofcourse you’ll have to share. No one gets single room right from start! And trust me, sharing room in first few years is the best part of NITT and hostel life in general. You may not be able to decide your roomie in first year, but next year onwards you can. And you can get a single room starting 3rd year but that also depends on rooma availability. Other than that, the hostels are nice but its your friends and hostelmates that make it worthwile! Enjoy 🙂

  6. I`m confused about CS or Elec/ Mech. I`m sure to get a score for NITT. IS CS dept on par with IITs ?. As OF NOW i`M A NOVICE IN COMPUTERS.

    • See, NITT is a good institute with all the branches doing well in final placements. However, CSE is one branch which has got NITT maximum exposure to the international world. The reason is not the faculty or the syllabus but the ‘culture’, so DO NOT come here with high hopes if you’re not much of a self-learner. You’ll find lots of active groups, great minds with common interests and opportunities to do well, but it ultimately depends on your enthusiasm to learn more and more! Rest assured, if you have an interest in computers and wanna have a career in that, then NITT is the best choice among all NITs. 🙂

  7. Thank u for replying bhaiya….!! 🙂 I hav few more doubts….!! What is the dress code for girls?? What if i dont get along with my roomie in the 1st year….is there no way of requesting for a change…?? Do u think replacing aieee n iit-jee with iseet where 50% weightage is given to 12th board marks is fair….???? How does every1 at NITT feel about it……i personally feel its very very very unjust……!!!!! :@ 😦

    • Whoa, you gotta big list of doubts. Let me try to answer them one by one..
      >> Dress code
      During class hours, girls are expected to wear Salwar but how strictly its enforced depends on the mood of the faculty 😛 Rest of the day, there’s no dress code.

      >> Roomie change
      You can always swap with some other friend if her roommate is ready to shift into yours room. But don’t expect anything from the admin. BTW you shouldn’t be so concerned about that. Infact, college makes you learn to get along with all kinds of people – and that’s something which will come a lot handy in your future life 🙂

      >> Replacing IITJEE & AIEEE
      Hmm, that decision by the government has its pros n cons. But overall, I do not support it as it will not only further dilute the brand of IITs but also put more pressure on students as then just a single exam will decide their entire career! The only good I can make out is that students will start taking board exams more seriously and have a bright chance for getting into good college if they do well in 12th boards. This will ensure these money-looter programmes like Fiitjee’s Pinnacle and Kota’s classes are busted! But then again, there’s this issue of normalizing marks across several boards like ICSE, CBSE, State boards .. all of them having their own scales.

  8. Admin,

    Do I take mech. Or cse in NITT, and I want to be only in NITT. I am talking core engineering + good placements. ECE obviously caters to both. Just a little doubt, Can we change subject in NITT after the second semester. I heard we can’t . So I want to make the right decision.

    If possible, please answer my question ASAP, because our counselling dates are nearing very soon. Allow me to tell you that I have an inclination towards both mech. And ECE.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, first of all call me Abhishek! Now about your question, the placements in general are good across all branches however CSE always gets the higher package. But then interest does matter, and if you already have an inclination towards a branch, go ahead and take it because no matter which branch you are in, if you study with interest you’ll be amongst the top. In general, ECE syllabus is very vast and core to the subject but you’ll also face a tough competition from your peers as its a competetive branch and first choice of many toppers. Moreover there are not many Electronics companies based in India so many do join software companies in the end or go for higher studies. Mech life is relatively easy and with decent placements. CSE can get you top pay jobs with a lot lesser effort than ECE. And no there is no branch change after first year. Hope you make the right decision. Good luck 🙂

  9. I am not sure as to what to take i have got a decent rank and iam from TN and iam confident of getting CS and ECE or any group of my choice. Iam intrested in CSE but iam not intrested in going abroad for PG so is there good opportunites for CS in INDIA like Electrical or Mech..??

    • Power problems are there, and it will be there in any government college throughout the country. Water problems mostly happens during summers and that too in select hostels. But like everyone, I’m sure you’ll also manage.

    • ICE is a decent enough branch but have a hectic schedule and the syllabus is a mixture of CS, Electronics and Electrical courses. About Wifi, its setup in half of campus as of now and still in progress.

  10. Hey, I got a rank of 1728 in aieee… its my AIR. I am confused as to whether i should join NIT T or NIT K… i would really be obliged if u could tell me about the lab,faculty and placement in mechanical branch in NITT… and also how long is the dress code followed for girls in NITT…is for few months or four years… plz reply ASAP.. locking of choices is very soon.

    • Mech branch and its facilities are good enough but for placements you will have to be one of the hard working students to get a package above 8-9lpa. Otherwise, you can easily land on a job with 5-6lpa package. Dress code you will have to follow during class hours only for the entire four years. Read my previous comments to know more about dress code and life for girls.

  11. Hi!
    My all india rank is 4397 and state rank is 134.
    I am from chennai and is it possible to get ece in NITT?
    And also is ece better or is cse better?
    Is it possible to study in NITT as a day scholar?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • You should be able to get the branch of your choice if home state quota is still around. And both CSE n ECE are top branches and its a matter of your personal discretion. Go with your interest. And no you cannot be a day scholar.

    • ICE life is hectic. Placements are decent and spread across many fields as ICE has courses from nearly all tech branches. So you do get a lot of options but also you have to compete with students of other branches.

  12. n hey can i prepare for CAT while studying ice.cos u have already mentioned that ice students have a hectic schedule

  13. Thank you for your reply.
    I have secured 300 marks in BITSAT 2012
    I may get BITS goa.In your opinion which is better BITS goa or NITT?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  14. Dear Abhishekdelta
    Thank you very much for the information you share . I ,being a NRI student from dubai , got admission in NITT under DASA scheme. what is the performance of DASA candidates in NITT since they have to compete with regular AIEEE students who are generally top ranking students ?
    Also i heard there is an acute shortage of power supply and drinking water supply compared to other NIT ? Is there any improvement recently ?

    • There is no such performance benchmark on the basis of which I can reply to your question about NRI students performance. It all depends on the individual and how much harder he is going to concentrate on the acads. Regarding water and other issues, as I mentioned earlier it varies from hostel to hostel. Electricity and water problems are still there but mainly during summer.

  15. i got air 1902 in aieee and wish to study cse in any of the nits . but i couldnt decide my priority order among trichy surathkal and warangal .
    please advise me honestly considering everything from placements to basic facilities . i have to lock choices today . last day

    so make it asap

    • Depends on the branch. I personally prefer CS of Trichy over others mainly because of the extra curricular activities and maximum student exposure. Warangal would be second and surathkal third. But its a very thin line and frankly it doesnt matter much as long as you are willing to put in extra effort. For all other cases, you can find the rankings online also.

  16. hey everyone..i really need some serious advice here…i am a student of kolkata and secured air 1688 in aieee…..i am confused between nit waranga and trichy…though majority of the people i have consulted have recommended me trichy i was more inclined towards warangal as it is much closerand trichy is way too far..is trichy worth the trouble or should i go for warangal? ( i wanna do cse branch)..thnx

  17. PS I am also getting iiit Hyderabad which I have heard is one of the best in the country for cse..so should I choose that?

      • my parents r willing to pay the fees if its really worth…so would you place it above the nits or below them in terms of academics and placements?..thnx

      • The best thing about IIIT (other than world class facilities being a private college) is that the course is entirely focussed on CS right from first year and there are no subjects from other branches unlike in NITT where the first year is a mix of subjects from all branches so you get to have a bit of knowledge about all. But placements wise, I dont think there is much gap between them but yes IIITH placements are a little better but whether that little gap is worth paying so much for depends on how much confidence you have in yourself. If you are very insecure and there is not much financial trouble then go for IIITH, otherwise with a little more effort you can get equally good or even better placements from NITT at a much much less expense.

  18. What About Internet Faciliteis In The Hostels?
    Does Every Room Has Internet Or Lan?
    And I Got AIR 6700 In This Year Aieee.
    Should I choose Chemical In NITT or NITK(Surathkal)?

      • Thank You For Your Reply,But In NIIT and NITK(surathkal),Which one should I go for in chemical??(Please Give Your Preferance in B/W These Two)
        And Should I Gor CSE In NIT DELHI,What Are Its Future Prospects?

  19. Hi Abhishek bhaiya ….:) I got AIR 120 in aieee b.arch!!! I am unable to chooses between NIT Trichy and SPA Delhi…..!!! I hav heard SPA Deihi is the best for architecture…..and NIT Trichy is 2ed best!!!! I live in bangalore so Trichy is so much closer….!!! What do u suggest…??? I hav given NIT Trichy as my 1st choice n spa as 2ed chice for counselling….!!! Is the Architecture department in NIT Trichy good…???
    And In your previous reply you said that giving 50% weightage to the board marks is a good thing coz it will lead to the downfall of the coaching classes……!!!! Thats Not gonna happen……!!! Those institutes will just come up with 2 in 1 programs n promises to help students to do well in the boards and prepare them for iseet….!!! N i remember how ppl cheated so much during the board exams…..How can those marks be taken into account. ????? 😦

    • I dont have much idea about SPA but since you have already said it ranks best in India, I think you should go for it. Arch placements in NITT are pretty decent and the life is good as well. But delhi is another story and I think in delhi you will find better exposure with industry. Being in delhi has its advantages as I have seen many times students from my college travelling to North for various competitions. So if fees is not an issue, and you are sure about placements and rankings of spa then go for it.

      Regarding the board marks question, probably you are right that coaching classes can claim that way and fool people. I never said I fully supported the idea but I think there are major loopholes that needs to be fixed especially how will you normalize scores across various board exams. But rest apart, one thing is for sure that people will start taking boards more seriously and that would indirectly do them more good as even the iit syllabus is very similar to boards.

  20. hi, i just wanted to know whether there is a gym for girls in nitt? or is the existing one open for all? n also what abt the internet facilities now?

  21. Bhaiyya,
    Can a student download movies, games in the Octagon or is there any restriction? 🙂
    And is the wifi set up for first years? I got TN state rank 421 and will probably get ICE at NITT…Is it really hectic? Are there many ICE specific companies for placements?

  22. Thank you for your advice bhaiya…. 🙂 And about the boards exam thing ….If ithe focus is on making students take the board exam more seriously then one solution would be to just increase the cut off marks na…??? Wont that do the trick ??? The syllabus for IIt and aieee is very similar to the syllabus of the cbse board only, not icse n various other state boards!!! About the normalization of the scores, that would be close to impossible to do with 42 different boards in the country!!!

    • I understand that. Thats why I said it is not a well thought off plan. Needs more planning. Probably you can take percentile instead of percentage. This way you can avoid having to normalize the marks.

  23. Hi i hav got air of 20477 and state rank of 467 in aieee 2012. I belong to general category. I am from tamil nadu. My name has not appeared in first round allotement. Will i get a seat in nit trichy in second round? After internal sliding what course can i expect?

    • I cannot tell you which branch you can get. I am not an official of AIEEE. The situations now are very different than the ones prevailing when I joined the institute. So no comments there.

  24. hey . my name is NIHAL .. i am a student frm AP !!! my AIR in AIEEE is 1122.
    and by BITSAT score is 327.
    im in a bit confused state because, first thing is i hav interest in CSE and surely i will be getting CSE in NIT trichy.
    and in BITS ‘pilani’ i may get either electrical or mechanical and im nt confident of joining in CSE trichy coz people say bits has a better ranking in everything and there is more exposure over there.
    so can u please assure me if it is perfectly fine if i join in “NIT trichy computer science” ???
    reply ASAP please 🙂

    • See if you can get a dual degree course in Bits with CSE. The cse of Bits is better in my opinion. If you are not getting cse in bits and you are very much interested in cse, then its nitt is certainly the next best choice in cse!

  25. I just read through your posts and replies….Some more questions for you to answer …. 🙂
    1)In NIT Trichy….do we get north indian veg food??
    2)What about transport facilities? It is a really difficult to travel to Trichy from North India. How do we get from Chennai to exactly the place where the campus is situated??
    3) What about the surroundings?? Do they have some shopping mall or supermarket nearby??
    Apart from this, from all I have seen and heard, NITT is a nice place to go!

    • North indian food is there.. But dont expect good quality from mess. You can find all sorts of north indian foods in paid canteens, restaurants and dhabas.
      Also Nitt is quite far from trichy. So the best option is to take a bus from trichy to nitt once u reach to trichy via train from chennai. Its a 1hr bus ride roughly.
      And about markets and all, in campus you can find almost everything you need as there are shops for almost every basic requirement of a student. For everything else, you have the second largest city in Tamil Nadu – Trichy 🙂

  26. Hey, it’s nice to see a blog with recent info on NIT Trichy. I got ECE at NIT trichy and I’m joining in a few day’s time. I’ve got some very important questions some people missed out.

    1. Are first year students allowed to bring laptops?
    2. How many power outlets are there in each room?
    3. Do the First Year Hostels have WiFi?
    4. Do the power shortages occur mainly during daytime or do they occur at night as well. Is a nighttime power shortage a valid excuse for not turning in Homework? 😉

    5. Are thefts/things going missing common in the hostel rooms? (I’m mainly thinking of laptops)

    6. Are people (first years) allowed to access the computer room (Octagon) anytime or only during classes?

    7. Are first years allowed to use the Gym or does that lead to ragging and stuff?

    8. Do we have to wash clothes by hand. Or are there washing machines in the hostels or services where you can get your clothes washed for a fee?

    9. Is there anything else about inconveniences/difficulties that you experienced NIT Trichy student that you wish you knew about before you joined up at NIT Trichy?

    Oh and I find those rules about the curfew absolutely ridiculous. What if we want to study in the library after ten and the Hostel says no? The curfew should at least be modified to say that students should be inside the campus by 10 p.m.

    And why is there separate curfew rules for girls? Isn’t that gender discrimination? If things like these are done at a college level it only encourages gender inequality as people will come out of the college with the impression that it’s right to be unequal.

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive so that prospective students like me can get valuable info! You’re doing an awesome job! Thanks!

  27. Hey Abishek 🙂
    Thankz for all your efforts…I have jus got admitted into d MCA programme for the upcoming year… n i jus wanted to kno if d schedule is gonna b hectic for us??? vil v evr hav any time to relax?
    I heard from a frnd of mine tat v vil not b taught much in class n it al left upto us to study our lessons on our own,,,?!? is tat tru??? n i jus wanna kno if there any extra-curricular activities tat a PG student can participate? Thankz a ton in advance for answering:-)

    • You will have to put in a lot of extra effort in that branch. The course is pretty lightweight and most of them have ample time to study for mba and such exams which they prefer over placements.

  28. i got instrumentation and control engineering in nit trichy….i heard that the life of ice dept is hectic..is tat real? the way of asking questions in exams is tat twisted i mean indirect questions???what type of a student can survive in nit trichy rather than self-learner?????

  29. hi i am expecting to get civil at nitt in spot round…….howz it from academic point,placement………what about ragging????

  30. Hey Bhaiyas,
    My ques is “Is nit t better than bits pilani,” My AIEEE rank was 1102 and Bitsat score is 341…. So what will be the better choice ????

  31. Hey blogger/abhishek/jeremy
    What is the exact cut off rank in cs branch in aieee in NITT???
    And how is the faculty?
    Plz reply asap 🙂

  32. Hi abhishek,
    I would like to join NITT for a PG course in mechanical engg.I have read your previous comments.But can you please research about the placements and demand for various PG courses(metallurgy,industrial safety,thermal,NDT) in mechanical engineering and list them in order of their demand.Since you are from NITT, i hope you could easily find it out.Thanks

    • Do you really think I have the time and patience to do all that research for you? Seriously man, do some of the homework yourself. I’m not running a career counseling company here.

  33. hi..can you tell me something about placements of ICE branch..i mean naming some companies.. also..are the finance companies allowing them to sit for placements..what its future prospects..

    • AFAIK ICE has a huge mix of courses, but they’re mostly overlapping with Electronics. So while many electronics companies do open for ICE, you can’t say the same for CS companies. There are exceptions but very few. I have seen people from ICE getting into Google, Oracle, Zynga, Cisco like companies. So that’s possible if you’re able to work it out.

  34. Hi Abhishekhadelta,
    Will you recomment NITT or NITC for acrhitecture ? I am from Kerala, looking for B.Arc through DASA. How is the placement in B.Arc ?

  35. hey Abhishek,
    which do u think is better ECE in NIT Trichy vs Surathkal….on the basis of faculty , hostel facilities(i know u r from NITT but still if u have any idea) n other facilities in the campus.
    i have seen on some blogs, people r saying the ECE faculty of NITK is more experienced n hence better …….wat is ur take on it.

    ill probably get into both through DASA ..so im in a bit of confusion over which is better.

    n thkz in advance. u r doin a great job guiding us .THANK U.

    • Hmm, there are a couple of profs in ECE in NITT who are really accomplished. But can’t say that for most of them. I don’t have much idea w.r.t. prof quality in NITK but from what I’ve heard, I don’t think there’s significant difference. So IMO I don’t think you should base your decision based on prof quality because what ultimately matter is your own hard work and the culture around you.
      Infra-wise, NITT hostel qualities are close if not better compared to NITK’s. But NITK has got its own private beach! But at the end, placement is what that matters, and NITT is far ahead of NITK in CS/ELEX branches. Hope its sufficient for you.

      • hey thkz for advise.

        i think ill go for NITT itself.
        im from TN n my parents seem to be more interested in me goin there as i have a few relatives in trichy.

        i was interested in NITK as it had a better location but thats not so important n also becoz almost all my friends want to go there but looking at their SAT scores it looks likely atlest 3/4 of them would only get NITT(ya i know its weird but most DASA students seem to prefer NITK over NITT while it is the opp with AIEEE students
        so it is easier for us to get into NITT).

        PLACEMENTS – i think ill go for my masters straight away so this wont influence my decision as much as others.
        n lookin at wat u r sayin regarding the faculty , so there is not much difference.

        i would prefer to go where ever the facilities r better……………i hope NITT is the right decision !!! fingers crossed!!!!

  36. Abhisheldelta ,
    You are doing a great job of answering all types of questions on NITT. It is a great service to student community.

    • Actually, I misunderstood your question. Branch sliding is NOT allowed in NIT Trichy. Only in case of someone blocking the seat during AIEEE counseling and then later not joining NITT, will you get the chance for a branch upgrade if eligible. But after 1 year, there’s no sliding allowed.

  37. hello abhishek..i wanted to ask u that whether b.arch from nitt is good?…placements are good or not? and if u can please tell me how much rank is required for jee main paper 2 to get seat in b.arch in nitt?

  38. I got admission in vit chennai in cs,, please tell me whether I can shift to nit trichy for computer science v magesh

  39. hi abhishek,
    i have got a rank of 2477 AIR jee main and i think i might get EC in NIT trichi…but since i m from karnataka i can even get CS in NIT surathkal…..I m confused between NIT trichi and NIT surathkal. I would prefer EC over CS.
    which college do u think is better in terms of placement, hostel and other facilities?
    how difficult it is for north indians to adjust?
    according to the official website the food is supposed to be good at nit trichy?
    as you are saying placement is better in trichy, …cs in nit surathkal is better or eee or mech in nit trichy ?
    thanks a lot in advance …luved ur blog 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply but I think the choice depends on your interest. Placement-wise, I’d rate CS anytime better than ECE when it comes to the top few NITs. But then not everyone are able to perform well as a CS student, some people are just born with love of hardware and microchips 🙂
      Facilities-wise, both colleges have their own pros-cons. While NITT has better Hostel facilities, the landscape is quite hot and deserted, while on the other hand in NITK you have got a beach!
      No issues with North Indians getting adjusted. Remember, these are not some local south colleges, these are national colleges and many many north indians like you come every year.

  40. AIR mains 1827, state rank 107, opted for CSE, landed with ECE in trichy. Iam disappointed. What’s ur suggestion for me. iam a hard core CS man

    • In that case, you should have put CS in NITK/NITW before ECE trichy. But its ok, this is the same story as mine. You’ll have to put in some extra effort, make sure you take CS courses in electives, join CS clubs (like Delta Force), and study CS topics during your off-hours. Take part in coding competitions, and likes of them. If you’re able to keep your interest until your placements, you’ll definitely get into your dream job.

  41. Hi abhishek,
    Fantastic blog…….really love your comments!
    My AIR is 1414. I am a simple, hardworking kid from bangalore, who loves participating in fests and competitions. That’s why I want to join NITT over NITK/W. I can easily get ECE or Mechanical at NITT (in the second round). Thing is, I don’t know which stream is better for me……….I am a complete aerospace guy. I like mechanical but an ECE degree is, hands down, much more required in the industry for aerospace. I like the scope of improvement that an ECE degree holder enjoys, which is not a lot for mechanical guys. Thing is, how do I know that I am made for ECE or that I will like it?

    More importantly, is it easier to pursue an MS, if I say that I am from NITT? How high is the regard for NITT students abroad or do they even know that the college exists?

    What about placements for mechanical and ECE? I just know some averages, but more importantly, which branch gives me more choice of working with exciting core companies? I am not a money guy…….I want to be thorough in my subject and use my knowledge by working for amazing companies. I know a couple of CS languages and some decent knowledge on computers too. Will I be able to learn more CS through mechanical or ECE?

    Also, should I work for a couple of years after my Btech and then get my MS or should I directly get that MS?

    If you don’t mind, could you tell me what your stream was and what was your placement?

  42. hi dis is vinay kumar.. i got civil in Nit-t.. ryt nw in waitin 4 further rounds of seat allotment.. nt sure if ill get anyother group… my main problem is CIVIL.. i dunt even knw anythng abt dat.. 😦 so hw wil the placements be..?? can any1 plz help me..?? thnx in advance.. 🙂

    • Dude, no one knows Civil before they actually learn it. Since you have already joined NITT, there’s nothing much you can do now. There are no internal sliding as far as I know, so you can hope for a slide during the upcoming rounds of seat allocation. Otherwise, you can concentrate on your civil branch and do well. Placements are a bit tough but everyone eventually gets placed. So dont worry about that.

  43. Dear Abhishek,
    I am expecting 70% marks in BCA.I got 59% in my 12th.I want to do MCA from NIT Trichy.What is the process to get admission in MCA?Thanks.

  44. Hi i got mech in nitt and bits goa as well……i dropped bits and gonna join trichy…is my choice wise enough? how abt the hostel life at nitt and its boys have to come in formals…..does that mean jeans and casual shirts r not allowed???

  45. bhiya! how much marks should i get in jee mains to take admission in trichy (cse) branch.. i have got 95% in cbse 12th..and my category in gen. i m not frm tamil nadu..

  46. Hi,

    AppliedMicro (Bangalore) is interested in hiring a couple of EEE or ECE freshers to work on Processor Verification. Could anyone suggest whom to contact for off campus placements?


  47. Hey 😀

    First Of All Amazing Article, Got The Basic Idea About NITT, All Thanks To You 😀
    And Now, I’m An International Student And Will Be Taking Admission Here By DASA and the thing i wnt to knw is about the Wifi (internet access).
    Following are my questions:
    1. Which Mobile Internet Works Good In NITT campus?
    2. Which Boys Hostel Has The Best Accommodation?
    3. How Is Production Engineering At NITT?
    4. Is There Benefit Of Doing B.tech Production Engineering from NITT as There are few more NITs Offering this course.
    5. How Is The Food At NITT Mess?
    6. How Is The Hostel Life At NITT ?

    And Main Thing, I’m From Gujarat, So Food Is the 2nd choice after Academics..Please Temme More About The Facilities At NITT Hostels.

    • Sorry for late response.
      Mobile – Airtel’s network is good enough.
      Hostel – I think that’d be Garnet B, or may be some new hostel buildings that have been constructed since I left.
      Prod – Chilled out branch. But will have to work hard during placements.
      NITT over others for Prod ? – Brand matters. Besides, NITT usually ranks higher in all aspects.
      Food – Sucks.
      Hostel Life – With the exception of frequent load-shedding, scarcity of drinking water and quality food starvation, its awesome!

  48. Hi, can you tell us about the grading system in nitt, is it percentage of marks or relative to class performance , please explain

      • Thanks Mr. Abhishek,
        I need some more help / info from you,
        My son studying in +2 CBSE in Gulf. He is interested in mechanical,
        how do you rate mechanical & ECE at NITT
        Your view about current NRI student at NITT, is there any discreminitions by professors or students towards NRI students.
        Apart from the campus placement, how about the opportunities for preparing GMAT, CAT GRE etc.
        about hostel life and ragging
        Compare NITT with NITK

        Please give details where ever you can

  49. Haha No Problem 🙂
    Got A Little Idea About Life At Nit Trichy.
    Thanks A Lot For Your Help 😀

    Final Question, Do You Think It Is Worth Spending 4 years at NITT Rather Than Enjoying At Some Other NIT With Better Campus And Better Facilities ?

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