About Me

Hi! This is Abhishek Shrivastava (a.k.a. jereme, pengu ).

I graduated from National Institute Of Technology – Trichy (NITT, India) in the year 2011 after completing my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering (E.C.E.).

Things I love – FOSS, Arch Linux, Strategy Gaming, Star-gazing, and converting ideas into tangible products.

Things I hate – Windows, Bollywood and TV Soaps

Someone said – “Life’s a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think!”. Guess what, I’m a thinker and I believe Life is the biggest comedy. So I pave my own way by laughing and not crying.

I’m passionate about 3 ‘C’s in my life – Coding, Coffee and Cosmos. But I’m neither a nerd nor an astrologist. But I’m a coffee addict.

My Life is full of ups and downs, this is because I’m always experimenting with it as I don’t want to live a usual mediocre life (you only get the chance once, so try doing something that others will remember you for, with good intentions of course).

I love open source community and my greatest contribution to it so far is the Pragyan CMS project (http://pragyan.integriti.org.in) of which I’m the lead developer. Also I’m right now working as a software developer in D. E. Shaw India Software Limited (DESIS), Hyderabad.

Ways to reach me (if at all you’re so desperate) are  the following (sorted in decreasing order of response time) :

1) EMAIL. I’ve lots of them, and don’t worry all are active. You can use anyone of : i.abhi27[at]gmail.com, abhi.nitt[at]gmail.com, abhishekdelta[at]integriti.org.in, abhishek[at]pragyan.org, abhishekdelta[at]teamdeltaforce.org, abhishekdelta[at]users.sourceforge.net.

PS: I hate spams and there’s a high probability you’ll get blocked if you send me any marketing/spam stuff.

2) FACEBOOK. Leave me a message on my facebook profile here http://www.facebook.com/abhishekdelta

3) LINKEDIN. Recently, I’ve been accepting lots of connection requests here, so there’s a high probability you’ll find me there – http://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishekdelta

3) IRC. You can look out for me in the following channels : #pragyan @ freenode and #hackers-india @ oftc

4) BLOG. Which you’re reading right now. You can leave a comment to any of the articles, and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

5) SKYPE. If you want to talk to me directly, call me on Skype. My ID is abhishekdelta.

10 comments on “About Me

  1. Yup, little bit “technical” i guess… , well blogging is great.. just a new experiment of mine.. lets see how long it lasts ! 🙂

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