List of my older posts :

svnlogger v0.1

Perfect configuration for Conky

Upgrading to PHP 5.3 in Ubuntu

D. E. Shaw placement experience

PHP Optimizations

World’s biggest conspiracy ! (Part 1)

Quickly configuring an LDAP + NFS client in Fedora


Defending against SQL Injection Attack in PHP any version

Connecting MTS Mblaze USB Modem in Ubuntu

Nokia E63 Review

Basics of IRC : Internet Relay Chat

Agate CMS

Setting up Reliance/TataIndicom Wireless Internet in Ubuntu

Comic : Donald Knuth

India disputed in Google Maps!

Dr. Wave of Google

6 things to know about NIT Trichy

NewFolder .exe Virus

Ubuntu vs Fedora ?

NIT Trichy Local Area Network

Overriding Inline Font Using CSS

The New Day

The Linux

The summer project experience

The T20 WorldCup Winners

Top 10 Movies

Blogging Resumes !

Making a repository DVD in Ubuntu

Ubuntu and a Scratching noise !

Ghajini (2) , Copy of !

SRM 431 ended in a big confusion !

Dell Inspiron 1525 Review

For Beginners in [Topcoder]

A Brief History of Mine …

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