For Beginners in [Topcoder]

Things you must know before competing in topcoder.

For Beginners in



Well, I think there is an urgent need for such an article on topcoder which focuses on those who just joined this great competition arena and are new to the world of online , time-constrained programming contest.

Lots and lots of beginners join topcoder everyday but many of them lose to others as they don’t have sufficient knowledge and “tricks” to help save their time.

Also many of the beginners are used to the old C language and the outdated 8-bit or 16-bit compilers like Turbo C.

However, topcoder works on the upgraded environment and so, many of you find it difficult to implement your algorithms by using vectors, and STL algorithms in C++ on topcoder.

So this article will mainly focus on the things (including some best “tips and tricks”), one must know before starting to code here so as to successfully challenge other competitors.

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