Top 10 Movies

Some of the best movies I’ve ever seen. To some extent I’ve sorted it according to my likings, but it was very difficult.

1) Artificial Intelligence (2001) : The Best Movie I saw yet. I simply like everything about it. The quest of a humanoid for becoming real, poor guy doesn’t know he’s already real.The movie tries to convey this : Its difficult to distinguish between a robot and a human, once they’ve attained the same intelligence as humans. Because then they can think, dream, talk, love, hate, cry & feel just like humans do and that makes them real, not necessarily a mixture of flesh and bones.

2) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) : A movie worth watching. Makes you realize one thing – No matter what happens, how worse your life is going, what problems you have, but NEVER EVER lose your HOPE. But don’t hope that someone will come and take your problems away. Only you can do that. The Anti-Problems formula : HOPE + HARDWORK = SUCCESS.

3) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) : A must watch. Makes you laugh, smile and wonder at the same time. It explains everything, from the Ultimate Question – “The Creation of the Universe” to the “Infinite Improbability Drive”. You’ll wonder what if things really happened the way like that. The movie starts with Earth destroyed in an instant, and ends up with a new “Backup” Earth. You can imagine the rest, just ” DONT PANIC ” 😉

4) The Last Samurai (2003) : The creation of Japan and the destruction of the Elite Samurai. Tom Cruise, a U.S. Soldier who was assigned to destroy the Samurai, finally ends up being one of them. A very beautiful story, and such a great plot. You’ll feel the movie is slow at the beginning but wait for the first few minutes and let Japan arrive. I became a fan of Tom Cruise from this movie, not MI.

5) A Beautiful Mind (2001) : Based on the real life of Professor John Nash – inventor of Game Theory and other theories that relates to the happenings of events in your daily life. He was suffering with a mental disease called schizophrenia. He has an imaginary world that is so real to him. The movie is true to the word, he really does have “A Beautiful Mind”. The life of a genius, struggling with a dangerous mental state. You can’t miss that.
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Ghajini (2) , Copy of !

aamirI don’t know why he did this, but I am disappointed. I liked him & his movies because he always showed some new creativity in them. Something that no one has seen yet in Indian cinema. Take his last 2 movies- one was Taare Zameen Par, a brilliant movie about children suffering from dyslexia. The movie had entertainment as well as awareness in it. And the other one was Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, although it was a just-another-love-story movie, but it had lots of things that made it different and unique. Although the movie was far away from reality, but what it showed,especially the songs, made us lost in its world for atleast 2 hours, if not more. And now, Ghajini. A typical south-indian hero-heroine-love-villain-revenge-action movie + a small “tadka” of Short Term Memory Loss. What I felt worse about is that the movie is a Scene-by-Scene copy of the tamil Ghajini. No new creativity or special effort was put my Aamir. Only the last few scenes were altered and that made the movie even more displeasing. Ofcourse, those who has not seen the tamil Ghajini will like this movie because the original story isn’t that bad, but for others this movie has nothing new in it. While watching that movie, I felt like watching a hindi-dubbed version of tamil Ghajini, with Aamir “ADOBEd” into every frame of that movie, instead of the origional hero. I was expecting much more from him. I thought atleast he would make the movie more realistic, the fight scenes would be more believable and not like rajnikant’s movies. But most of my expectations weren’t met. Anyways, I still wonder how this movie will fare in south India, where the tamil version is seen by almost every other person. What can I say except Best of Luck to him , after all, he put so many years of his into the “copy of Ghajini (2)” project. Lets hope for the Aamir to come out with a gem like TZP next!

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